Virtual Talent ID

Love sport? You could be a future Olympic or Paralympic champion.

AusCycling is looking for the next generation of cycling champions. Take a quick indoor bike test to see if you've got what it takes.

No cycling experience necessary.

*NEW* for July/August 2024: try AusCycling's Talent ID on Zwift as a three-stage event:

 Choose one of three options:

Option 1: Test at home

Zweift indoor stationary trainer

Take a 30-minute test at home using your own bicycle and a stationary trainer.

Your results will be sent to our team for analysis.

How to test at home

Upcoming Zwift events


Option 2: Go to an event

AusCycling virtual talent ID testing at an event with Erin Rowell and Tayte Ryan on a Wattbike and Zwift

Visit our stall at an eligible AusCycling event and take a shorter 10-minute test on our Wattbike stationary bike trainer.

Find an event

Option 3: Host a testing day

AusCycling Australian cyclists

Don't have the equipment and can't make it to an event? We can come to you!

Ask us about hosting a testing day in your town or city. We'll bring our Wattbike and Zwift set-up so all your friends, family or classmates can have a go.

Get in touch

We're looking for people with the athletic potential to become future cycling champions.

AusCycling's Virtual Talent ID program makes it easy to see if you might be suited to a career in competitive cycling, mountain biking or BMX.

All you need to do is complete a simple 30-minute indoor cycling workout at home, or a shorter test at an in-person event.

We'll process your results and conduct further testing. If we think you have what it takes, you'll earn a 6-month development opportunity with AusCycling.

Zwift rider on indoor trainer at home

The test is available on Zwift as a Group Workout (which you can do at specific times), or as a Custom Workout (which you can do at any time). To do the test, follow the steps below.

You will need:

How to get set up on Zwift:

  1. Make sure you've created a Zwift Power account that's linked to your Zwift account
  2. Set up your indoor trainer and bicycle according to manufacturer instructions. If you get stuck, read this.
  3. On your device, launch the Zwift app. If you get stuck, read this.
  4. Follow the prompts to log in and connect your trainer. If you get stuck, read this.

Method A: Do the test as a Group Workout

  1. Register for the "AusCycling Talent Identification" group workout. The event runs twice per week. Click here for upcoming events
  2. (Or, alternatively, you can find the event by joining the "AusCycling Talent ID" Zwift Club)
  3. Up to 30 minutes before your test starts, follow the prompts in the Zwift app to join the event. If you get stuck, read this.
  4. Once the event starts, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test.

NEW for July/August 2024: try AusCycling's Talent ID as a three-stage event:

  • July 4 – 15s and 2min efforts (link)
  • July 18 – 8km time trial (link)
  • August 1 – criterium race (link)

Method B: Do the test as a Custom Workout

  1. Download this file: AusCycling_Talent_ID.zwo
  2. Follow these instructions to import the file into Zwift: Importing Custom Workouts.
  3. In the Zwift app, on the Home Screen, navigate to the Workouts menu.
  4. Choose the "AusCycling Talent ID" Custom Workout. Select "Start Ride", select any route, and then select "Start Workout".
  5. Once the Workout starts, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test.
  6. After completing your ride, log in at and download the .fit file from your activity.
  7. Email the .fit file to [email protected] with your age, gender and some information about your sporting background.

AusCycling Virtual Talent ID at an event

Visit us at an in-person event, where you can do the test on our provided equipment.

No events are currently scheduled. Contact us for upcoming locations and dates.

Who is eligible?

 Australian citizens in the following categories:  

  1. 16- to 22-year-olds with no background in high-performance sport;
  2. For all ages, people with a physical or vision impairment (to be considered for our para-cycling program); and  
  3. For all ages, people with a background in high-performance sport (ie talent transfer).

Does it cost money?

No, it's free to take the test.

If you don't have a Zwift account, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial in order to take the test. For more information, see Zwift's Free Trial FAQ.

What if I can't access the equipment to test at home?

If you can't do the test at home, come along to one of our in-person events to do the test on AusCycling's equipment.

Or, contact us to see if we can arrange a pop-up testing centre in your town or city.

What does the test involve?

The 30-minute test is designed to test your critical power. It consists of three all-out efforts of increasing duration:

  • 6min warm-up
  • *15s all-out effort*
  • 2min 45s recovery
  • *3min all-out effort*
  • 6min recovery
  • *12min all-out effort*

The in-person test is a shorter version that only includes the first two efforts.

Make sure you are warmed up and motivated to give maximum commitment.

You want to ride as hard as you can during those efforts, and finish them completely spent. Give it your all!

Tip: as you fade through the efforts, use your bike's gears to reduce the resistance and maintain your cadence. Aim for a cadence of 90-100rpm. The key is to finish all the efforts regardless of how much your power fades or how hard it feels.

Why do I need a Zwift Power account?

A Zwift Power account is needed (in addition to a Zwift account) because we can only see and analyse your workout data if it's recorded on Zwift Power.

What happens after the test?

AusCycling's high-performance staff will analyse the data from your test, comparing your power output to our benchmarks.

If you meet the benchmarks, you will be invited to undergo further testing in-person at one of our high-performance labs.

Successful candidates will be offered a development opportunity with AusCycling.

If I am successful, what will I receive?

If successful, you will receive a 6-month development opportunity  with AusCycling.

This will give you access to our AusCycling Development Academies, which includes coaching support and development camps and clinics.

From there, you can progress towards categorisation in our performance pathway or scholarship support, with the long-term goal of winning medals for Australia at major events.

Who is running this program?

The AusCycling Virtual Talent ID project is run by AusCycling, the national sporting organisation for cycling and riding. We represent all levels of cycling and riding, including road cycling, track cycling, BMX racing, BMX freestyle, mountain biking and para-cycling.

Our delivery partners are Zwift and Wattbike Australia.

The project is funded by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Samantha de Riter
Performance Support (Para-cycling and Pathways)
Email: [email protected]

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