Updates to junior gear restrictions for road


AusCycling has made two changes to the rules and policies relating to junior road cycling equipment.

Blocking off permitted for Under-19s

Effective immediately, Junior U19 riders are permitted to use ‘blocking off’ (by the adjustment of the derailleur or other means) to restrict the roll out distance to 7.93 metres.

This will be allowed in all races, including national championships.

AusCycling has made this change due to the increasing difficulty of obtaining equipment that complies with the maximum roll out distance.

(AusCycling Technical Regulations: Road 1.02.03)

Rollout applies to all events from 1 January 2022

From 1 January 2022, the rollout of 7.93 metres will apply to J19 riders at all events, not just J19 events.

Riders, parents, coaches and officials are reminded that gear restrictions apply to junior riders even when riding in combined or graded racing or training sessions.

This is in accordance with the Junior Riding Up Policy released in July 2021.


What do these changes mean for teams and neutral spares?

Where teams are providing spare wheels, they should ensure they have wheels with the correct gearing for J19 riders on their team.

Typically, neutral service providers already struggle with the different combinations of manufacturers, speeds and brake types in the peloton. Where neutral service is available, J19 riders should ensure they provide correct wheels to neutral spares and receive the correct wheel when service is required.

What is the consequence if a rider takes a wheel in a race which brings them over the rollout distance?

In a one-day race, the rider will be disqualified.

In a stage race, they will be placed last on the stage and on GC, but able to continue with the rest of the race.

Will commissaires be expected to check gear roll out at every race?

At national- and state-level events, there is a high expectation on commissaires to ensure that every rider is meeting the gear restrictions.

At club events, the expectation is on the rider to comply. Commissaires are expected to check riders at random, and if they suspect incorrect gearing is being used.

Why is gearing for J19 riders being restricted in all races from 1 January, not just in J19 races?

There are three main reasons:

  • Gear restrictions encourage young riders to ‘spin’, which protects their joints as they develop and assists in creating better neuromuscular pathways.
  • The rule change brings Australia’s regulations in line with those of other national federations.
  • The change was requested by AusCycling’s high performance unit to ensure that riders can cope with the correct gear restrictions when they head to international competition. The change has been added in conjunction with the Junior Riding Up Policy.

What are the junior gear rollout distances for road cycling?

U9–U13: 5.5 metres
U15: 6.0 metres
U17: 7.0 metres
J19: 7.93 metres


Photo: Wayne Bishop via Unsplash

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