'We felt this was the best way forward': AusCycling's Performance Endurance Track program shifts to event specialty coaching structure


AusCycling is proud to announce the implementation of a gender-neutral coaching structure for the Performance Endurance track cycling team, the appointment of Mathew Hayman as the men’s road directeur sportif, and the returns of Tim Decker and Alex Greenfield.

AusCycling’s Performance Endurance track cycling program is the first in the world to implement an event specialty approach rather than a gender approach to track cycling coaching and will do so via Decker as the timed events coach, overseeing the team pursuit and individual pursuit events for both the men and women, and Glenn O’Shea’s transition to the role of bunch event coach.

AusCycling Executive General Manager – Performance Jesse Korf said the move is solely about maximising performance opportunities for the athletes.

“The complexity involved nowadays in getting the most out of a Madison or a team pursuit requires extensive specialised knowledge,” Korf said.

Jesse Korf. Picture: Josh Chadwick

“In addition, the shared experience with the athletes was that the bunch races could become an afterthought.

“Further, this approach creates equity in performance opportunity and both genders will receive not only the same competition, camp and equipment access but also the same coaching.

“Much like football codes having specialist coaches underneath the head coach, we feel that to provide the best performance support structure, we need to lean into domain-specific expertise.

“Glenn is exceptional with bunch races and Tim is an expert in team pursuits.

“After discussion with Gene Bates (Head Coach of Endurance), Tim and Glenn, we felt that this was the best way forward and should not delineate between genders but rather provide the best performance structure for both the female and male squads.”

Tim Decker. Picture: AusCycling

Decker’s return to the AusCycling Performance program comes a year after departing for a new opportunity with China’s track endurance team.

AusCycling and its track endurance athletes are excited to bring Decker and his 11 years of experience and knowledge back into the fold.

Decker said his commitment, drive and passion has always been for the Australian Cycling Team.

“Having one year outside of that allowed me to gain some different experiences and structures in cycling from a different nation and culture. I also had some time to reflect, reenergise and look towards the future after an extended Olympic cycle that lasted five years to Tokyo,” Decker said.

Tim Decker and Glenn O'Shea. Picture: AusCycling

“In my vision, I had always planned to return to AusCycling depending on timing, opportunity and structure.

“Given these factors have now taken a forward step with the appointments of Jesse, Gene and Glenn in their respective roles and with my connection with the athletes still strong, the timing was right.”

On the road, Hayman joins on a part-time basis as the men’s directeur sportif, succeeding Zak Dempster, and alongside Alex Greenfield as women’s directeur sportif.

Hayman will continue to work with Team Jayco AlUla on the UCI WorldTour.

Mathew Hayman. Picture: Getty

“Gene and I have had several discussions and feel that for the road directeur sportif role it’s paramount to be in the peloton so see the races and being able to connect with the athletes regularly, face to face,” Korf said.

“Mathew enjoys a lot of respect as a former rider, notably winning Paris-Roubaix, and has done a sterling job with the GreenEdge program as one of their directeur sportifs since retiring from racing in early 2019.

“Alex will remain lead directeur sportif for the women's outfit of Uno-X Pro Cycling Team and has previously worked for the Australian Cycling Team as a track coach and as such brings particular value to those key riders that combine both road and track aspirations.”

Alex Greenfield is returning to AusCycling in a part-time women's road DS role. Picture: Uno-X Pro Cycling Team

AusCycling Performance’s Acceleration and Action staff structure will remain unchanged.

“When making decisions around structure, we want to create the best environment for the athletes to develop and perform,” Korf said.

“As such, we will always have evaluation cycles and involve the athletes and coaches in the discussion.

“At this moment, we are not looking at structural changes within our Acceleration and Action disciplines.”

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