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Steve Cassap

Steve Cassap

Inducted 2019

It was 1978 when a young Steve Cassap first laid eyes on a BMX bike. A keen motorcross rider, he and his mates soon fell in love with BMX bikes, making jumps in back yards and parking lots, simply hanging out and having fun. Steve took up racing when the first BMX tracks appeared in Victoria, but it wasn’t on the track that got him attention - instead, it was what he was doing off the track that did. 

Freestyle BMX riding had not officially been invented yet. Originally known as “trick-riding”, Steve had a natural ability to launch his bike and do amazing aerial tricks. These tricks soon caught the eyes of the publications who were now multiplying and looking for anything new they could get their hands on. Although Steve didn’t realise it at the time - he was pioneering Freestyle riding in Australia.

At the same time as his trick riding career was taking off - Steve was already quite the entrepreneur. He studied the American magazines for products and quickly realised that there was a huge market in number plates. At just 17 years of age, and a small amount of cash, Steve began producing custom made number plates - all made by hand - on his bedroom floor. He cleverly handed them out to many of the top pro riders who were quickly seen sporting his unique designs - and sales quickly took off.

To assist in promoting his products, Steve began doing freestyle shows in carparks and shopping centres, at major BMX race meetings and scored feature spots on ABC prime time television shows. He sponsored his own BMX race team, and In 1983 he joined BOB Haro - as the first internationally sponsored Haro Freestyle rider. In 1984 they would tour Australia performing shows together, further promoting Steve and the CASSAP brand.

This brand quickly became an Aussie BMX icon - with CASSAP plates being used by World Champions and countless Pro riders. Steve’s designs were unique and innovative. His fold-over strap design would go on to be copied by some of the largest international brands and was hugely popular throughout the 1980’s.

Steve was inducted into the Victorian BMX Hall Of Fame in 1993 and it is with great pleasure that we induct our very first Freestyle rider and first Industry icon into the Australian BMX Hall Of Fame. 


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